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The Divine Tone

By Kevin Porter

The Divine Tone solo series is made up of seven short narrative books that can be read in any order and elucidate symbolic references, psychological insight, essence cultivation, spiritual teachings, poetic self-expression, and divine wisdom. Intriguing stories and dialogues are crafted to engage the reader and bring forth the Divine Tone within and in alignment with God.

The fictional setting for the Divine Tone series is expressed to immerse the reader within the imaginative realm and is designed to elicit learning, thought, and spiritual expansion. For readers who are walking a spiritual path, awakening to their essence, devoted to self-mastery, and seeking truth beyond society's narrative, come and unlock the codes within the Divine Tone.

Divine Tone book showcase
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Sa-Moi: The Towering Presence book cover

Sa-Moi: The Towering Presence

The individual’s intuition leads him to a mysterious tower, where he encounters a raven. What takes place is a coming together of symbolic references, spiritual teachings, keen observations, and divine wisdom as the energetic doors of reality open into the pool of creation as God intended. For those who know, the path of enlightenment must be fulfilled through our commitment to the inner work.

Ka-Den The Disciplined Mind book cover

Ka-Den: The Disciplined Mind

A Knight ascends Heliomentis Mountain in quest of a wolf who has been ravaging local livestock in order to fulfil a local bounty. What he finds is an unexpected encounter between the wolf and himself into the masculine essence, the chivalric code, divine wisdom, and ancient symbolism as the Knight learns the history of Heliomentis Mountain before an unforeseen confrontation awaits him at the summit, a trial he must face alone.

Ra-Quel Unleashing the Unicorn book cover

Ra-Quel: Unleashing the Unicorn

A Druid resides within an oak woodland known as Brìgh Nàdair in the heartland of Alba, where she encounters and frees a shackled Unicorn. What takes place is a journey within Brìgh Nàdair into the energetic layers of Alba, the subconscious, confrontations with darkness, Celtic symbolism, and spiritual destiny that culminate in freeing the nation of Alba to its former grandeur as the Unicorn is unleashed.

Aa-Key The Council of Rebirth book cover

Aa-Key: The Council of Rebirth

Four councillors meet on the 5th day of each week in a spherical chamber in an underground crypt in the Cladh Deireadh na Loidhne (End of the Line Cemetery). On this evening, the council has obtained a spectacular ruby chest emanating a great spiritual power. When it is opened, a Phoenix is known as a reminiscent meeting thirteen thousand years in the making, leading to an intense and truthful transformative dialogue within the council as they learn about and experience an inward death, a dark night of the essence, and life after death as the Council of Rebirth is formed through a glorious and divine ascent.

Ya-Nis The Separation of Time book cover

Ya-nis: Separation of Time

A Bard explores an upland bog known as Rithim Mistéireach (Mysterious Rhythm) on the Isle of Eire, where he encounters an Irish Mountain Hare. The Bard and the Irish Hare journey throughout Eire to purify the land with divine sound as they travel through the passage of time, engage the metaphysical layers of Eire, and confront the mysterious dark stranger who has been manipulating the land from the shadows as they come to know his true form as Eire reclaims its sacred independence with the power of the poetic word and frequency of sound.

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