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The Individual Element of Self-Mastery

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The Individual Awakening

Awakenings come thick and fast. At times, we struggle to find breath, yet we continue to access our hidden sight, unique to our code, which we learn to determine and cherish. We awaken to what moves within our range, seeing the world through multiple lenses; we question everything as openness frequents our journey towards the coveted gnosis we dedicate our lives to; no material acquisition, lifestyle, or useless distractions enter our focus.

Aligning Individual to Individual

Our individual merit and dedication to the inner work come full circle as we begin where we end. Individual alignment challenges us to build a stable foundation while continuing our paths; we cannot trust the system to change. It has eroded, and we must seek to act outside the system in conversation, action, and ideas.

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Answer with

Self-determination is how we maintain our work; we cannot have our progress determined by others. We live in a society that weaponizes vulnerable and insecure schemes to move the individual while pretending to emanate with a good conscience. We cannot trust people who operate without inner work, as the demons they carry as motivational reins will always become a mediating factor because, inwardly, they serve chaos and are mentally and spiritually warped individuals who serve the material world as the objective of life.

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