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  • What is a Symbolically Minded Individual?

    The symbolically minded individual seeks meaning through observation and interpretation, forever studying the symbols that appear before them. Seeing is a superficial lens, and conscious thought assigns a synchronistic value to what crosses an individual's path. When viewing the turbulent and slowing motion of life, with symbols appearing, reappearing, and disappearing, the objective is to recognise the hidden message and the bearing it has on individual development. If the approach is pessimistic and coincidental, then we deceive ourselves of value and meaning; placing limitations on experience is to harden learning and thus, acquire less gnosis. When we increase receptivity to symbols, we form a stronger internal communion that presents insight unique to where we are at and where we must go next. The all-encompassing aspect of symbols is intriguing in that a singular symbol can present multiple meanings with different variables depending on the interconnection of our conscious thought processes. As we challenge and seek within a symbol, it shines light in equal measure, a reciprocal activity that manifests through the power of thought and effort. Thought is an energetic form, which means where we focus our attention becomes vital to symbology, and we take symbols in as images, linguistically, or both, with the latter bringing us closer to the wholeness we seek to find in all things. When using and impressing symbols upon people, frequently without conscious awareness, they programme into the subconscious and fall into the category of trends taken on collectively within a population. For instance, hand symbols such as the peace symbol have universal and multiple meanings and reversals associated with them, and this applies broadly to symbols; the key is possessing a conscious awareness and understanding of the symbol. When a person uses symbols that they have no conscious awareness of, it signifies that the unconscious is influencing them to act things out. For example, systems of control such as mainstream media use subliminal messaging to influence people's unconscious minds in order to dictate people's behaviour without them ever knowing. This controlling influence has led to the hijacking of symbols in order to diminish and subvert their true meaning, an issue that has plagued the human experience. The cultural zeitgeist switched from symbolic to scientific, and we lost individual interpretation and meaning to build up scientifically backed answers, leaving individual thought to trusted and accredited sources designated by authority who prescribe the fix for every problem. It serves the consumptive aspirations of a population but doesn’t allow deductive thought to transpire, whereas viewing the world symbolically naturally allows us to work out what is unique to our respective paths, serving and interconnecting us in ways the robotic arm of science fails to do. A population that struggles to find meaning must look no further than the bland and consumptive technological machines they incessantly focus on; they must understand the disempowerment that evolves under mindless entertainment. When we observe the world around us, we hold momentary silence, and a sign or symbol will always find the seeker who breaks away from the psychical hold. If we remain within the chaos of the world, we find the darkest despair, warping and shaping the psyche to desire a never-ending thirst for more. Whereas the symbolic mind seeks intellectual and spiritual engagement, diving into the depths to evolve the passage of the soul, tasked with holding conscious awareness and coming to know the animals, numbers, and deeper distinctions that inevitably come to the symbolic mind, which sees the overlooked, unseen, and eternal. The symbolic mind doesn’t wait, to find the peak, it evolves and dissolves, moves in and out, allows the light to reveal, when a symbol is nigh, a journey enlightened creates, a willing formation, conscious awareness triple transformation. In God We Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

  • The Thrill of Alignment

    Alignment is the known path of what comes before, presently, and after. It is our individual knowledge that constructs the alignment, meaning adequate reflection, discernment, and experience. Life is sold as an accumulation of junk, possessions, and financial obligations, but these things have never aligned anyone; thus, enlightenment is rarely met as it should by all. It is the thrill of stepping outside the traps that has always made the quest for knowledge sweeter. The inward tremors are felt when we go seeking beyond the official source. The connection and momentum build in energetic harmony when we align with our unique approach. An inward smile is the treasured reflection of the soul. When we know alignment is beyond the material world, then the work truly begins in that we uncover who we are and what we were meant to do. A meticulous process that is navigated by intuition, the overarching principle is trusting ourselves; we cannot be in alignment if we trust others over ourselves. Understanding the individual implications of the work is essential. We don’t evolve and fall into alignment because we read a great book. It is dedication and discipline through self-inquiry that bring about transformation and alignment. Of course, we should be reading other people’s work, but it's so often the case that people will read through a book and feel good at the time, but they haven’t truly understood the words, interpreted the work, and consolidated the knowledge. People may memorise a snippet of it, but memorization isn’t knowledge; sadly, people are sold that it is. All forms of learning must meet intense reflection; without it, we never speak to the soul. Alignment is felt within, seeing what is unseen, and knowing what they don’t want you to know. The key is yours; open the door. In God We Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery.

  • The Individual Awakening

    Awakenings come thick and fast. At times, we struggle to find breath, yet we continue to access our hidden sight, unique to our code, which we learn to determine and cherish. We awaken to what moves within our range, seeing the world through multiple lenses; we question everything as openness frequents our journey towards the coveted gnosis we dedicate our lives to; no material acquisition, lifestyle, or useless distractions enter our focus. We decide to act against the programming, work towards inner mastery and divine connection, and be comfortable with little, for our individuality is not a commodity; it is a state of being unique to us with individual courage to stand up for what is right and wrong in this increasingly dysfunctional world, where good exists but remains silent, biding its moment to strike. It must return to its divine form. The time is now. When we release the systematic hold over our every move, freedom exists to discern it for what it is and is becoming. This system will never renew itself under misguided judgements, under-the-table deals, and poorly formulated movements that keep the dependably indoctrinated people chasing their tails while saying this time will be different. It is shockingly comparable to the abuse dynamic that plays out between the abuser and the victim, as they give chance after chance but to no avail, as the abuse cycle repeats ad infinitum. Therefore, we must be willing to break these abusive cycles the system creates and waves in our faces while displaying feigned ignorance and deception over the scale of corruption. When we see the corruption as exaggerated, we allow the darkness to escape and never grasp the truth and justice that come with it. This system must cease to exist, for it is what controls the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of far too many. When the system collapses, it will be a time to reflect, even amid the uncertainty and panic. There are lessons to learn and actualizations that lead to awakenings about the planet that people immersed in the material world need to confront individually; dependency will have no place. We must break free from material reality and dismantle the mental compartmentalization of our lives through illusion and mindlessness that distract, entertain, and stop us from questioning reality, pushing us towards disconnection from nature, humanity, and the divine. Individual and spiritual awakening comes to us when we seek to shift beyond the limiting parameters of ideologies and governmental control that need our energy to power and feed their mortuaries. Awakenings include parallel reflection, connectivity to divinity, and metaphysical understanding; mastering our mind, body, and soul; healing our wounds; integrating our issues; and not resonating from emotional dysfunction to propel us forward. When we master and hold balance in our bodies, consistent energy enters our lives. The idea flourishes in calmness, not impatience. When we awaken to what moves around us and hold an ethical standard of human behaviour, we see the degenerative roots everywhere as people clamour for relevance in sickening desperation, fooled by the materiality of the demon’s wisdom. Attainment of gnosis builds the individual path as discipline conveys truth and awakenings commence. In God we Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery.

  • Aligning Individual to Individual

    Our individual merit and dedication to the inner work come full circle as we begin where we end. Individual alignment challenges us to build a stable foundation while continuing our paths; we cannot trust the system to change. It has eroded, and we must seek to act outside the system in conversation, action, and ideas. We cannot continue to engage in attention-seeking, contagious incompetence, and meaningless pursuits that dishonour an individual's path. Things will get better, but not under systemic leadership; it will take multiple sets of individuals to bring about change, and it will be individuals of the correct equilibrium and excellence to come together with the inner work moving through their core. Aligning individuals will succeed where others fail; avoid becoming consumed by the tricks and traps that enforce division. We destroy division by relinquishing the material hold, for it is materialism that is at the heart and soul of every envious, jealous, angry, deceptive, and insignificant move that paralyses the individual power and motion to do good, interconnect, and overcome the challenges that are in front of us. We have to learn from the mistakes of those who came before. It serves none of us to repeat these errors under the self-important conditions of brainwashing that men and women accept with little pushback. Without respecting and honouring each other through the unconditional code, we fall apart as a unit, and we need to unify while upholding an individual basis, which is the alignment we must cultivate and make good on to break the cycle of conflict between individuals. We cannot blame the system for turning on each other because it happened of our own accord, and we must reconcile our dealings with the shadowy hand and rectify the wrongs that led us away from the solution. The solution isn't simple to deduce, but if a core group of individuals can act in alignment with each other, akin to an alliance, then it has the makings of solving issues that transcend the individuals, meaning the sphere of impact can be greater than the solution itself. It is about dismantling the bogus structures that defiled our essences for an aeon. We must move forward with a fresh perspective, physical impetus, and the ability to seek higher gnosis. The individual resonating with neutrality understands the harmonic interconnection that aligns with others. Knowing who we are requires rigorous internal work, for if we don't possess the work, we become the complexion of confusion, poorly formed opinions, chaotic dysfunction, and the recycling machine of saying what we think others want us to say. We face the issue of semi-conscious and thoughtless people who refuse to engage their mind, body, and soul. The purpose of alignment is to bring individuals together with the competency and developmental will to go beyond the mundane, routine, and trivial affairs that drag us further into the material realm. Inquisitive interconnectedness is an opportunity to learn, connect with others, and become more aligned with the principles of self-mastery in alignment with God Almighty. To achieve the individual rite of passage, we must shine in the divine image, our unique individual light. In God we Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery. `

  • Answer with Self-Determination

    Self-determination is how we maintain our work; we cannot have our progress determined by others. We live in a society that weaponizes vulnerable and insecure schemes to move the individual while pretending to emanate with a good conscience. We cannot trust people who operate without inner work, as the demons they carry as motivational reins will always become a mediating factor because, inwardly, they serve chaos and are mentally and spiritually warped individuals who serve the material world as the objective of life. Understand that darkness leverages what we don't remember against us; it relies on people to see one another as enemies to sustain the belligerent back and forth as we become more and more consumed by the idiocy of the material manifesters who have entered the universe to accumulate wealth at the expense of the erosion of thought, wellbeing, and mastery, where defilement and promotion of greed are admirable. When we turn our focus away from the material world and use our self-determination, we dismantle its societal hold and disseminate the truth. Technology has brought people further away from who they are, not allowing them to develop, and seeks to hold people's attention because if they are paying attention to technology, then they aren't getting any closer to the truth. We have observed massive clampdowns by tech and government conglomerates trying to control 'the virus' of misinformation, limiting the flow of information to move the human consciousness further towards global austerity and socially conditioning people over time to normalise certain behaviours and actions. Those who wield power determine truth, with people giving up on their mental faculties and deductive abilities and aligning themselves with destructive authority instead of delving to see the actual goings on. We must not place our trust in systems that have deliberately caused despair and instability on a multi-level basis and who continually deny wrongdoing, parroting the global generational programming that has worked its way through figureheads, advertisements, textbooks, media, and online videos to bring us to this current position. Individually, we always have a choice, regardless of how far away we might feel or think we are. Individual redemption always comes when we understand our higher selves, aligning beyond the programming that has controlled us for so long. It is imperative now more than ever that people look to themselves, shut off technology, quiet their minds, reflect on what is happening personally and societally, be willing to listen to themselves, and take back control of their mind, body, and soul by dedicating themselves to understanding and determining what is going on within and around us. We don't need to jump to desire, escape, anger, or distraction; this is about being level-headed in the heat of the battle as decay and lifelessness move around us. How do or don't your actions build up the system? Self-determination guides one to find answers. Self-inquiry and trusting our intuitive sense of words, symbols, and information will serve us well. Follow our lead. The reclamation of power is there for individuals who resonate with honesty and the divine spirit. Never underestimate how far those two things can take us when we work within ourselves. Our duty has always been to answer the call within ourselves to know the truth about all things and to recognise how entertainment keeps us away from self-mastery. Our path isn't easy and comfortable to face, as the material world appeals to people because it provides security at the expense of the truth. The path requires us to make tough decisions, work through individual issues, seek interconnectedness, and confront shadowy elements. The path continually questions our self-determination and asks, What will you give up? In God we Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery.

  • The Path is our Own

    Our path is a coming together of all we have experienced and learned in a synchronistic way; it leaves us quietly smiling inwardly as we come to know where we stand individually. No path is lesser or greater than another, for paths are uniquely ours, and it is a great honour to bask in our differences, for our differences are what keep us whole. We do not accept the tags and limitations of the world because we seek our own passage through the dimensions. Hold on to the sovereignty that resides within, trust it, and allow it to build from our discipline and devotion to what moves us. The present moment is our certain path. It is the launchpad for our actionable intent. See, the path isn’t an inconsistent, insecure, or overthought process. It is to flow into what we know we should be doing to embrace our individuality and work towards mastery in all we do. In so doing, we have honoured the eternity of our existence. Now, the difficulty of our path is a testament to the strength we all possess; what we have each undergone is what makes us who we are. Relish in the difficulty that comes our way, learn to persevere and build that resilient core, and trust that inwardly we are being guided to where we need to go. Because if we don’t trust inwardly, someone else is going to tell us and direct us away from our inner knowing. Stand with assertive strength and know the flow of our own essence. Do not allow our individual processes to be confused by the putrid waste that is commonplace to divert us from our truthful emanation. Know this: the rhythm of life is the measure; rhythm is consistent and persistent energy. We read the ebb and flow that is unique to us, gracing life with our rhythm; otherwise, sporadic and stagnant motion will befall our path. You already know what you must do. In God We Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery.

  • A Reflective Trance

    The watery core is the silent ripple that bestows the inquisitive feel of the reflection, which is consciousness without the needless sensory input designed to hold one inside the box. Imagine never venturing outside the perceptive walls, having never sought an awareness beyond. What about knowing the energetic stillness that frequents the dedicated essence? Who has held, stood within, and traversed through the mirror—an execution of reflective will. For we become lost and confused amongst the noise if we cannot embrace the silent soar and break free of the myraid of consumptive fools. As fewer and fewer moments to reflect exist because time is filled to avoid the essential nature of the human being, which is to breathe without the needs, desires, and insecurites penetrating our inner sanctum that hold no truthful emanation. The truthful emanation goes beyond the material lifestyle; it challenges us to be integral, ask questions, and know our wisdom. Metaphysical nourishment is expansion and cannot be determined by the forces of limitation that quell our eternal lifeforce. The inward interaction to know is the awakened force, the primal stare, and the discerning power to realise what resides within. Open to the entranced state; let things come and go; don’t try to control the flow; observation and understanding will bloom if concentration is held in the room. The beauty of the reflective process is the offering of expansion if one’s discipline is holy and weaknesses in thought are discarded, for the doors of individual freedom are open with a capacity to master. Has intrigue spoken? pulsation to know? Engage from the depths of the essence; a journey of immense learning is attainable from within if patience, endurance, and an openness to flow are known. Freedom in all realms has a self-sacrificial basis; to give what you can and to hold the inspired flame is to cast the spark of the reflective trance. The path of expansion is an individual one. Will you unleash the reflective glow? In God We Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery.

  • Finding our Self-Expression

    Self-expression is intuitive; often, the need to complicate and add complexity to life is a stumbling block we face. Our self-expression should be simplistic in how it flows; forget the irrelevant details, interactions, and expectations that restrict an individual from self-expression. When we make the conscious decision to self-express, it happens innately without a need to move past the moment; we stay in the moment, which is exactly where we need to be to express ourselves. Refraining from distractions or the busyness we have invited into our lives, a quiet, energetic flow envelops the individual who seeks an expressive and synergistic connection. The beauty of self-expression in its perfection is unjudged, misunderstood, and mysteriously held within the eyes of intention. For the eyes magnify the emotional spectrum of colour that touches the concealed soul, worn out from its refusal to express. We live true to the expressive code when we live without fear, make a declaration to learn each day, and know the discipline that releases the expression. The separation that occurs through self-expression is compelling because, as we embrace who we are, people become less familiar, distractions don’t make sense, and the time we have is savoured in the present moment. As consciousness breathes through our expression. A simplistic seat in peace is a sagely action of the expressive one. For the noise, forceful movements, endless activities, and scattered mind. Speak to the individual’s programming, searching high and low for the mastery of the seated sun. In God We Trust The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin) Become a member of the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum to access an ever-expanding archive of psychological and spiritual wisdom that values uniqueness and commitment to self-mastery.

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