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What is a Symbolically Minded Individual?

The symbolically minded individual seeks meaning through observation and interpretation, forever studying the symbols that appear before them. Seeing is a superficial lens, and conscious thought assigns a synchronistic value to what crosses an individual's path. When viewing the turbulent and slowing motion of life, with symbols appearing, reappearing, and disappearing, the objective is to recognise the hidden message and the bearing it has on individual development.

If the approach is pessimistic and coincidental, then we deceive ourselves of value and meaning; placing limitations on experience is to harden learning and thus, acquire less gnosis. When we increase receptivity to symbols, we form a stronger internal communion that presents insight unique to where we are at and where we must go next.

The all-encompassing aspect of symbols is intriguing in that a singular symbol can present multiple meanings with different variables depending on the interconnection of our conscious thought processes. As we challenge and seek within a symbol, it shines light in equal measure, a reciprocal activity that manifests through the power of thought and effort.

Thought is an energetic form, which means where we focus our attention becomes vital to symbology, and we take symbols in as images, linguistically, or both, with the latter bringing us closer to the wholeness we seek to find in all things. When using and impressing symbols upon people, frequently without conscious awareness, they programme into the subconscious and fall into the category of trends taken on collectively within a population. For instance, hand symbols such as the peace symbol have universal and multiple meanings and reversals associated with them, and this applies broadly to symbols; the key is possessing a conscious awareness and understanding of the symbol. When a person uses symbols that they have no conscious awareness of, it signifies that the unconscious is influencing them to act things out. For example, systems of control such as mainstream media use subliminal messaging to influence people's unconscious minds in order to dictate people's behaviour without them ever knowing.

This controlling influence has led to the hijacking of symbols in order to diminish and subvert their true meaning, an issue that has plagued the human experience. The cultural zeitgeist switched from symbolic to scientific, and we lost individual interpretation and meaning to build up scientifically backed answers, leaving individual thought to trusted and accredited sources designated by authority who prescribe the fix for every problem. It serves the consumptive aspirations of a population but doesn’t allow deductive thought to transpire, whereas viewing the world symbolically naturally allows us to work out what is unique to our respective paths, serving and interconnecting us in ways the robotic arm of science fails to do.

A population that struggles to find meaning must look no further than the bland and consumptive technological machines they incessantly focus on; they must understand the disempowerment that evolves under mindless entertainment. When we observe the world around us, we hold momentary silence, and a sign or symbol will always find the seeker who breaks away from the psychical hold. If we remain within the chaos of the world, we find the darkest despair, warping and shaping the psyche to desire a never-ending thirst for more.

Whereas the symbolic mind seeks intellectual and spiritual engagement, diving into the depths to evolve the passage of the soul, tasked with holding conscious awareness and coming to know the animals, numbers, and deeper distinctions that inevitably come to the symbolic mind, which sees the overlooked, unseen, and eternal.

The symbolic mind doesn’t wait,

to find the peak,

it evolves and dissolves,

moves in and out,

allows the light to reveal,

when a symbol is nigh,

a journey enlightened creates,

a willing formation,

conscious awareness triple transformation.


In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)


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