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The Thrill of Alignment

Updated: May 7

Alignment is the known path of what comes before, presently, and after. It is our individual knowledge that constructs the alignment, meaning adequate reflection, discernment, and experience. Life is sold as an accumulation of junk, possessions, and financial obligations, but these things have never aligned anyone; thus, enlightenment is rarely met as it should by all.

It is the thrill of stepping outside the traps that has always made the quest for knowledge sweeter.

The inward tremors are felt when we go seeking beyond the official source. The connection and momentum build in energetic harmony when we align with our unique approach.

An inward smile is the treasured reflection of the soul.

When we know alignment is beyond the material world, then the work truly begins in that we uncover who we are and what we were meant to do. A meticulous process that is navigated by intuition, the overarching principle is trusting ourselves; we cannot be in alignment if we trust others over ourselves.

Understanding the individual implications of the work is essential. We don’t evolve and fall into alignment because we read a great book. It is dedication and discipline through self-inquiry that bring about transformation and alignment.

Of course, we should be reading other people’s work, but it's so often the case that people will read through a book and feel good at the time, but they haven’t truly understood the words, interpreted the work, and consolidated the knowledge. People may memorise a snippet of it, but memorization isn’t knowledge; sadly, people are sold that it is.

All forms of learning must meet intense reflection; without it, we never speak to the soul.

Alignment is felt within, seeing what is unseen, and knowing what they don’t want you to know.

The key is yours; open the door.

In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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