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The Path is our Own

Updated: May 7

Our path is a coming together of all we have experienced and learned in a synchronistic way; it leaves us quietly smiling inwardly as we come to know where we stand individually.

No path is lesser or greater than another, for paths are uniquely ours, and it is a great honour to bask in our differences, for our differences are what keep us whole. We do not accept the tags and limitations of the world because we seek our own passage through the dimensions.

Hold on to the sovereignty that resides within, trust it, and allow it to build from our discipline and devotion to what moves us. The present moment is our certain path. It is the launchpad for our actionable intent.

See, the path isn’t an inconsistent, insecure, or overthought process. It is to flow into what we know we should be doing to embrace our individuality and work towards mastery in all we do. In so doing, we have honoured the eternity of our existence.

Now, the difficulty of our path is a testament to the strength we all possess; what we have each undergone is what makes us who we are. Relish in the difficulty that comes our way, learn to persevere and build that resilient core, and trust that inwardly we are being guided to where we need to go.

Because if we don’t trust inwardly, someone else is going to tell us and direct us away from our inner knowing.

Stand with assertive strength and know the flow of our own essence. Do not allow our individual processes to be confused by the putrid waste that is commonplace to divert us from our truthful emanation.

Know this: the rhythm of life is the measure; rhythm is consistent and persistent energy. We read the ebb and flow that is unique to us, gracing life with our rhythm; otherwise, sporadic and stagnant motion will befall our path.

You already know what you must do.

In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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