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The Individual Awakening

Updated: May 7

Awakenings come thick and fast. At times, we struggle to find breath, yet we continue to access our hidden sight, unique to our code, which we learn to determine and cherish. We awaken to what moves within our range, seeing the world through multiple lenses; we question everything as openness frequents our journey towards the coveted gnosis we dedicate our lives to; no material acquisition, lifestyle, or useless distractions enter our focus.

We decide to act against the programming, work towards inner mastery and divine connection, and be comfortable with little, for our individuality is not a commodity; it is a state of being unique to us with individual courage to stand up for what is right and wrong in this increasingly dysfunctional world, where good exists but remains silent, biding its moment to strike. It must return to its divine form. The time is now.

When we release the systematic hold over our every move, freedom exists to discern it for what it is and is becoming. This system will never renew itself under misguided judgements, under-the-table deals, and poorly formulated movements that keep the dependably indoctrinated people chasing their tails while saying this time will be different. It is shockingly comparable to the abuse dynamic that plays out between the abuser and the victim, as they give chance after chance but to no avail, as the abuse cycle repeats ad infinitum.

Therefore, we must be willing to break these abusive cycles the system creates and waves in our faces while displaying feigned ignorance and deception over the scale of corruption. When we see the corruption as exaggerated, we allow the darkness to escape and never grasp the truth and justice that come with it. This system must cease to exist, for it is what controls the minds, hearts, bodies, and souls of far too many. When the system collapses, it will be a time to reflect, even amid the uncertainty and panic. There are lessons to learn and actualizations that lead to awakenings about the planet that people immersed in the material world need to confront individually; dependency will have no place.

We must break free from material reality and dismantle the mental compartmentalization of our lives through illusion and mindlessness that distract, entertain, and stop us from questioning reality, pushing us towards disconnection from nature, humanity, and the divine.

Individual and spiritual awakening comes to us when we seek to shift beyond the limiting parameters of ideologies and governmental control that need our energy to power and feed their mortuaries. Awakenings include parallel reflection, connectivity to divinity, and metaphysical understanding; mastering our mind, body, and soul; healing our wounds; integrating our issues; and not resonating from emotional dysfunction to propel us forward. When we master and hold balance in our bodies, consistent energy enters our lives. The idea flourishes in calmness, not impatience.

When we awaken to what moves around us and hold an ethical standard of human behaviour, we see the degenerative roots everywhere as people clamour for relevance in sickening desperation, fooled by the materiality of the demon’s wisdom. Attainment of gnosis builds the individual path as discipline conveys truth and awakenings commence.

In God we Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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