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Finding our Self-Expression

Updated: May 7

Self-expression is intuitive; often, the need to complicate and add complexity to life is a stumbling block we face. Our self-expression should be simplistic in how it flows; forget the irrelevant details, interactions, and expectations that restrict an individual from self-expression.

When we make the conscious decision to self-express, it happens innately without a need to move past the moment; we stay in the moment, which is exactly where we need to be to express ourselves. Refraining from distractions or the busyness we have invited into our lives, a quiet, energetic flow envelops the individual who seeks an expressive and synergistic connection.

The beauty of self-expression in its perfection is unjudged, misunderstood, and mysteriously held within the eyes of intention.

For the eyes magnify the emotional spectrum of colour that touches the concealed soul, worn out from its refusal to express.

We live true to the expressive code when we live without fear, make a declaration to learn each day, and know the discipline that releases the expression.

The separation that occurs through self-expression is compelling because, as we embrace who we are, people become less familiar, distractions don’t make sense, and the time we have is savoured in the present moment. As consciousness breathes through our expression.

A simplistic seat in peace is a sagely action of the expressive one. For the noise, forceful movements, endless activities, and scattered mind. Speak to the individual’s programming, searching high and low for the mastery of the seated sun.

In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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