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Answer with Self-Determination

Updated: May 7

Self-determination is how we maintain our work; we cannot have our progress determined by others. We live in a society that weaponizes vulnerable and insecure schemes to move the individual while pretending to emanate with a good conscience. We cannot trust people who operate without inner work, as the demons they carry as motivational reins will always become a mediating factor because, inwardly, they serve chaos and are mentally and spiritually warped individuals who serve the material world as the objective of life.

Understand that darkness leverages what we don't remember against us; it relies on people to see one another as enemies to sustain the belligerent back and forth as we become more and more consumed by the idiocy of the material manifesters who have entered the universe to accumulate wealth at the expense of the erosion of thought, wellbeing, and mastery, where defilement and promotion of greed are admirable. When we turn our focus away from the material world and use our self-determination, we dismantle its societal hold and disseminate the truth.

Technology has brought people further away from who they are, not allowing them to develop, and seeks to hold people's attention because if they are paying attention to technology, then they aren't getting any closer to the truth. We have observed massive clampdowns by tech and government conglomerates trying to control 'the virus' of misinformation, limiting the flow of information to move the human consciousness further towards global austerity and socially conditioning people over time to normalise certain behaviours and actions. Those who wield power determine truth, with people giving up on their mental faculties and deductive abilities and aligning themselves with destructive authority instead of delving to see the actual goings on. We must not place our trust in systems that have deliberately caused despair and instability on a multi-level basis and who continually deny wrongdoing, parroting the global generational programming that has worked its way through figureheads, advertisements, textbooks, media, and online videos to bring us to this current position.

Individually, we always have a choice, regardless of how far away we might feel or think we are. Individual redemption always comes when we understand our higher selves, aligning beyond the programming that has controlled us for so long. It is imperative now more than ever that people look to themselves, shut off technology, quiet their minds, reflect on what is happening personally and societally, be willing to listen to themselves, and take back control of their mind, body, and soul by dedicating themselves to understanding and determining what is going on within and around us.

We don't need to jump to desire, escape, anger, or distraction; this is about being level-headed in the heat of the battle as decay and lifelessness move around us.

How do or don't your actions build up the system?

Self-determination guides one to find answers. Self-inquiry and trusting our intuitive sense of words, symbols, and information will serve us well. Follow our lead. The reclamation of power is there for individuals who resonate with honesty and the divine spirit. Never underestimate how far those two things can take us when we work within ourselves.

Our duty has always been to answer the call within ourselves to know the truth about all things and to recognise how entertainment keeps us away from self-mastery. Our path isn't easy and comfortable to face, as the material world appeals to people because it provides security at the expense of the truth. The path requires us to make tough decisions, work through individual issues, seek interconnectedness, and confront shadowy elements.

The path continually questions our self-determination and asks, What will you give up?

In God we Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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