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Aligning Individual to Individual

Updated: May 7

Our individual merit and dedication to the inner work come full circle as we begin where we end. Individual alignment challenges us to build a stable foundation while continuing our paths; we cannot trust the system to change. It has eroded, and we must seek to act outside the system in conversation, action, and ideas.

We cannot continue to engage in attention-seeking, contagious incompetence, and meaningless pursuits that dishonour an individual's path. Things will get better, but not under systemic leadership; it will take multiple sets of individuals to bring about change, and it will be individuals of the correct equilibrium and excellence to come together with the inner work moving through their core. Aligning individuals will succeed where others fail; avoid becoming consumed by the tricks and traps that enforce division. We destroy division by relinquishing the material hold, for it is materialism that is at the heart and soul of every envious, jealous, angry, deceptive, and insignificant move that paralyses the individual power and motion to do good, interconnect, and overcome the challenges that are in front of us.

We have to learn from the mistakes of those who came before. It serves none of us to repeat these errors under the self-important conditions of brainwashing that men and women accept with little pushback. Without respecting and honouring each other through the unconditional code, we fall apart as a unit, and we need to unify while upholding an individual basis, which is the alignment we must cultivate and make good on to break the cycle of conflict between individuals. We cannot blame the system for turning on each other because it happened of our own accord, and we must reconcile our dealings with the shadowy hand and rectify the wrongs that led us away from the solution.

The solution isn't simple to deduce, but if a core group of individuals can act in alignment with each other, akin to an alliance, then it has the makings of solving issues that transcend the individuals, meaning the sphere of impact can be greater than the solution itself. It is about dismantling the bogus structures that defiled our essences for an aeon. We must move forward with a fresh perspective, physical impetus, and the ability to seek higher gnosis.

The individual resonating with neutrality understands the harmonic interconnection that aligns with others. Knowing who we are requires rigorous internal work, for if we don't possess the work, we become the complexion of confusion, poorly formed opinions, chaotic dysfunction, and the recycling machine of saying what we think others want us to say. We face the issue of semi-conscious and thoughtless people who refuse to engage their mind, body, and soul.

The purpose of alignment is to bring individuals together with the competency and developmental will to go beyond the mundane, routine, and trivial affairs that drag us further into the material realm. Inquisitive interconnectedness is an opportunity to learn, connect with others, and become more aligned with the principles of self-mastery in alignment with God Almighty.

To achieve the individual rite of passage, we must shine in the divine image, our unique individual light.

In God we Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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