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A Reflective Trance

Updated: May 7

The watery core is the silent ripple that bestows the inquisitive feel of the reflection, which is consciousness without the needless sensory input designed to hold one inside the box. Imagine never venturing outside the perceptive walls, having never sought an awareness beyond.

What about knowing the energetic stillness that frequents the dedicated essence? Who has held, stood within, and traversed through the mirror—an execution of reflective will.

For we become lost and confused amongst the noise if we cannot embrace the silent soar and break free of the myraid of consumptive fools. As fewer and fewer moments to reflect exist because time is filled to avoid the essential nature of the human being, which is to breathe without the needs, desires, and insecurites penetrating our inner sanctum that hold no truthful emanation.

The truthful emanation goes beyond the material lifestyle; it challenges us to be integral, ask questions, and know our wisdom. Metaphysical nourishment is expansion and cannot be determined by the forces of limitation that quell our eternal lifeforce. The inward interaction to know is the awakened force, the primal stare, and the discerning power to realise what resides within.

Open to the entranced state; let things come and go; don’t try to control the flow; observation and understanding will bloom if concentration is held in the room. The beauty of the reflective process is the offering of expansion if one’s discipline is holy and weaknesses in thought are discarded, for the doors of individual freedom are open with a capacity to master.

Has intrigue spoken? pulsation to know?

Engage from the depths of the essence; a journey of immense learning is attainable from within if patience, endurance, and an openness to flow are known. Freedom in all realms has a self-sacrificial basis; to give what you can and to hold the inspired flame is to cast the spark of the reflective trance.

The path of expansion is an individual one.

Will you unleash the reflective glow?

In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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