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Forum Behaviour

Member behaviour that is demeaning, derogatory, or overly emotional will not be tolerated. This is a place to learn, communicate, and think. Not to engage in conflict. There is a unifying principle at the heart of us all; remember it.


Member behaviour that is rigid, forceful, and self-important will not be tolerated. Members should never be harassed or bullied into accepting things through domineering behaviour from others. See individual perspectives as an opportunity to expand and coalesce, not to enforce beliefs or viewpoints.

Members who go on unhinged rants, engage in doomsday thinking, have a saviour complex, and overshare their traumatic baggage publically will be warned but if said behaviour continues you will be removed. The materials on the forum are designed to help others, but the forum is not the appropriate place to vent about your struggles It is better if you lead with an eagerness to overcome than to dwell by committing to doing your inner work, not holding on to it.

Members should pause for thought before engaging in knee-jerk reactionary behaviour that is synonymous with social media. If this is how you conduct yourself, there are other avenues that are more suitable, but this forum is not to be used in that manner. Always, aim to uphold intellectually insightful and spiritually nourishing discourse wtih fellow members.

Members who engage in negative, destructive, and bizarre behaviour that disrupts and distorts the quality of experience and discussion on the forum by lowering the tone will be warned and then removed if the behaviour continues. There is a duty to create and uphold a highly productive and interconnected environment by each of us. Honour that duty.


The Individual Path

Members of Inquisitive Interconnectedness understand and are working towards the uniqueness of their gifts, talents, and skillsets, working within the code of individual mastery.

By process of individuation we come to know who we are and it is our dedication and discipline to the path that drive us to unlock and know ourselves and see our interconnection with others.

Upholding a declaration of sovereignty within ourselves that is focused on the interpretation, elucidation, and illumination of what is unseen in alignment with God.

The service of the individual extends to others when the individual has engaged meticulously in their personal work and is resonating with the balance that expands from the roots of the oak tree.

The forum as a service is focused on the psychological development, spiritual nourishment of others, and creative self-expression in alignment with the principle of individual purpose.


The Fundamental Steps of Competency

Competency is dependent on our desire to improve, see things differently, and act in accordance with our individual interests. It is the fundamental steps that shift us forward. We live in a modern world that asserts itself through dishonesty and deceit but lacks the true value and attainment that are psychologically and spiritually known within the individual who has worked towards several pillars of mastery and insight from within.

Vital to competency is honesty, and it is what separates the individual who will expand and open from the individual who closes or pretends out of ignorance. We have a duty to confront ourselves in an honest light, for that is what builds the individual into their truest form. The key is that we have the self-awareness to discern where we are and work to transform ourselves.

The intent of the forum is to build individuals up in the right way, not through egotistical, unethical, and deceptive forms. By taking an approach that is less centred on materiality as a metric of success and more on the intellectual depth, creative adaptability, cooperative acumen, individuality, and spiritual capability that are in alignment with self-mastery.

View the contents of the forum as an opportunity to align and communicate with symbolically-minded individuals who are walking unique paths towards mastered and enlightened states by eroding away the societal programming that seeks to distract and entertain us into oblivion. So, we do not learn and master what is individual to each of us and collectively bound.


Respect the Forum

Respect the forum and do not, under any circumstances, share the information or contents found within the forum with outside sources such as social media, etc.


Respect the privacy of members within the forum and treat each member with respect, even if there are differences in thought, perspective, and idea. Our commitment is to interconnect, not divide.

Respect what is being built, and how our individual behaviour contributes to the growth, value, and connection between members.

When honour and respect are held and given to the idea, it transforms the communicative and connective objectives that are created for us all to resonate with individual strength while understanding the one in all things.


No Spam, Advertising, or Self-Promotion

These forums define spam as unsolicited advertisements for goods, services, and/or other web sites, or posts with little or completely unrelated content. Do not spam the forums with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business, or forums, etc.
Spamming also includes sending private messages to a large number of different users. Any form of self-promotion is authorised by the website owner; if you do not have consent from the owner to self-promote, then do not post, or your comments will be removed and your account banned.

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