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The Inquisitiveness of

Inquisitiveness is a prerequisite to self-mastery and requires consistency to self-inquire about our awareness, weaknesses, and deeper intuitions concerning important action versus unimportant action, which takes place during the maturation phase in our life cycles, where we possess the individual and observational knowledge to accurately discern what serves self-mastery and what conflicts with it.

The conscious element of the path aligns unanimously with inquisitiveness because, centrally, we cannot evolve without conscious interest and engagement over the details between the individual who holds calmness and composure through understanding themselves and the self-deprecating individual who refuses to understand and remedy their issues. When we view self-mastery as breaking, refining, and renewing ourselves over and over again, we begin to build our internal communion, which serves as our intuitive guide to advancement.

Our inquisitiveness focuses on creating inward trust through self-inquiry, where we become resolute against external influences such as societal programming that moves people towards material consumption, not attainment of mastery. The process of self-mastery asks for discipline and sacrifice from the pleasures that steal meaning and purpose from people, as well as our ability to figure things out, concentrate on having less, find balance and contentment through learning and practice, and enhance our spiritual connection. We must function with fluency—physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually—to embody mastery. Frequently, the aptitude of people comes under scrutiny when trying to self-master, for the population prefers to hide and shortcut with distractive laziness, which reaps and enforces a low-level normality communicatively, devaluing the learning that should occur within and between others in an interconnected way.

Therefore, our inquisitiveness must seek and encompass all things in order to walk the path of self-mastery, where no guarantees exist, and we must unlock the challenges presented to us over a lifetime. Mastery puts us under the pressure of solitude, where we must know its weight and simultaneously recognise its power if our tenacity and resistance stand to reach enlightenment. The enduring will must discern the illusions that pervade the human experience, especially in regard to the material plane, where we must seek to reflectively understand reality in its totality, not the sugar-coated version synonymous with a population that lacks awareness and deludes to appear humanitarian. We must hear, speak, and know the truth to progress, for dishonesty is at odds with the divinity we should resonate with and emanate with when following an enlightened path.

The intuition guides us through the simplicities and complexities of existence, and the work that we do has an eternal transmutation if we set our inquisitiveness inward and independently come to understand the depth of knowledge we continuously uncover in our progression. Know that once we move past the shortcomings of desire and find stability with little, we grow exponentially because our heart and spirit have overcome the need to have; the illusion of fulfilment and happiness, for the ascetic of self-mastery knows the reverberation of feeling beyond words. Where we let go of the chains, hooks, and energy disruptors that hold our spiritual body in agony, in the process of letting go, we become free and establish the centre point of our individual paths—who we are.

Embodying the inquisitive mind, the rigorous exploration and cultivation of self-awareness involves acknowledging our unique identity. We cannot know it immediately, as we are often influenced by a society that promotes conformity rather than individuality. This lack of education on recognising and accepting our uniqueness leads people to imitate others in behaviour, speech, and appearance. For some, they believe society’s crisis is down to individuality, but in fact, their senses deceive them, for it is the opposite.

As society has become more globalised, it has destroyed sovereignty, a key element to knowing our uniqueness, for if we don’t hold sovereignty within, then it becomes challenging to follow our intuitive guidance because we become a clutter of external influences, bad ideas, and following people that will lead us to mediocrity promoted and sold as individual excellence. Beware of false idols who steal attention and power to pedestalize themselves and who don’t allow the uniqueness we should all experience and flow with, when we willingly engage within ourselves.

Self-mastery centres on spending countless hours reflecting on our thoughts, actions, and surroundings to understand our respective life paths. Only we have the power to transcend if we dedicate ourselves to the heights of inquiry necessary to integrate experience, elude the traps, and master the motions to become motionless on the neutral ground, staring within.

In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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