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The Interconnectedness of Self-Mastery

A universal matrix of interconnectedness weaves all things together, from the thoughts that match the words to the actions that align with the behaviours, and even when separated, it creates an interconnection beaming between us all. Acknowledge this intricate detail, and we expand, denounce it, and capitulate into narrowness, the foe of self-mastery.

Probing deeper provides many challenging routes; it tests our strength, spirit, and character not to run back to the safety and cohesion of the populace, who provide safe passage, but we learn nothing. See, interconnectedness postulates less on empty pairings and social shapes; it asks us to understand our current placement, the knowledge of the seen and unseen, and measures our ability to hold balance under duress and how we navigate the pressure, allowing us to peer into the interconnected universal matrix and let go to remain at one.

Interconnectedness entails the aspects inside the individual as well as the collective interconnections shared between all things. The connection expands through the freedom we hold, which alerts us to the importance of working on ourselves to strengthen our spiritual sense. We have to experience the interconnection, not just say we do; mastery requires personal experience, so at all times we consciously move inward to embrace our aspects. Our internal interconnection comes through working diligently on what comes to us; we have to trust in ourselves and intuitively proceed based on our knowledge. Remaining poised and honest, seeking harmony through processing our unique experience, and viewing it as a sizable interconnection within ourselves.

Acknowledgement of the metaphysical inspires a shift in perception and interpretation, embracing interconnectedness. When we can command our presence and sit silently as the world stirs around us, we begin to observe and thus experience the transcendental. Our mind accesses a higher frequency band beyond the influenced frequencies the population remains within; those frequencies uphold the material realm as the purpose of existence; the material realm denies ourselves spiritual interconnection in combination with self-mastery, which leads us to illumination.

Illumination is rising above the control, terror, and conflict of people who lack the presence of mind to ascend beyond their own narrowness, which is a life misspent, clinging to ignorance, and motivated by self-serving ideals comprised of darkness. We don’t truly know or recognise the truth within ourselves when we remain in a hypnotic illusion alongside darkness. It is wise to release these demons, for they will only hold one back in the confrontation before we let go.

We know interconnection when we feel the freedom that comes with our harmonic rhythm, not tied to the prospects, life decisions, and general interactions created to keep us within the emptiness of the cycle, which always drains our energy and lessens our divine resonance over time. We must detach from society’s grip to see the truth. We will not see the truth in its totality if we believe we can sit on the fence and play both sides. Many fraudulent voices have tried to pivot on this ideal and sown misguidance and illusion through sanctimonious prophecy that leads the individual away from seeing the truth from within, the interconnected key that binds us all.

It is a spiritual interconnection, not a social one; we have to feel and experience the energetic vitality within us but beyond us. Where logic rejects, an opening occurs; our challenge is dismantling the programming and asking the question, why do I continue to follow and uphold a system that is at odds with the truth?”

People don't pursue the truth because of what they lose in the process. We must understand how humanity socially conditions itself into ignorance, upholding a falsified system against the truth and self-mastery—the wholeness we come to know as an energetic visage. The eyes must open now; interconnectedness is beyond the material, not within it.

Beyond the bustle, our awareness expands; we see what others don’t, feel what others can’t, and know what others want. Interconnectedness transpires through inquisitive ears, and our mind is patiently holding nothing in its grasp. Our reactions, whether verbal or non-verbal, distort the interconnection that occurs when we hold the wholeness guided by the solar sun. Giving gratitude to the gracious light interconnects the spiritual aspects we have a duty to illuminate from within; the path has become more individual pertaining to self-mastery; the outward continues to degenerate; interconnectedness is seeing, knowing, and being all things, and our ascetic upholds it.

In God We Trust

The Inquisitive Individual (Kevin)

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