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Welcome to The Inquisitive Individual

Truth is the symbol, inquisitiveness is the key, the individual is truly free

Who is The Inquisitive Individual?

Gold sword with angel wings

Kevin, the creator of The Inquisitve Individual and the Inquisitive Interconnectedness forum, shares psychological and spiritual knowledge and wisdom with others, and his aspiration is to build a community of aligned individuals on the path to self-mastery and enlightenment.

Kevin helps people understand the unique individual template they hold and how to engage with the honesty and discipline that will set them on a path of inquisitiveness, truth, and freedom from societal constraints. Returning the power to the individual who dedicates themselves to working within, and remembering who they are and what they have come here to do.

If you are intrigued and compelled by what Kevin elucidates, then he is eager to share his knowledge and connect with members within the Inquisitive Inteconnectedness Forum, a private membership community of strong-willed individuals who are seeking answers beyond the material world.

Triquetra symbolising Inquisitive Interconnectedness

Inquisitive Interconnectedness

Inquisitive Interconnectedness engages the individual core within us all. The forum possesses a wide range of writings, with more being published frequently in an ever-expanding archive designed to be truthful and educative in psychological and spiritual knowledge and wisdom by encouraging individual development, interconnection, and self-mastery. Join the discussion and be a part of building a community that recognises uniqueness.


Walk the inquisitive and interconnected path with symbolically minded individuals


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